David Balzer

First Prize Winner
( Entry in English )

David Balzer was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba and currently resides in Toronto. He received his BA in English at the University of Manitoba and his MA in English at McGill University in Montreal. In addition to writing and editing, he has worked as a secondary and postsecondary teacher and tutor for many years.

Balzer has written about art and culture for numerous publications, nationally and internationally, among them The Guardian, The Globe and Mail, Artforum, Toronto Life, The Believer, The Walrus, Camera Austria and Modern Painters. Balzer has worked in an editorial / publishing capacity for TorStar, TIFF and others, in addition to his five years at the Canadian Art Foundation as Associate Editor and, now, as Editor-in-Chief. He has contributed to monographic publications on artists such as Michaël Borremans, Janet Werner and Margaux Williamson, and has lectured at universities and colleges across Canada and elsewhere.

Balzer has written two books, a short-fiction collect-ion called Contrivances and the recent critical study Curationism: How Curating Took Over the Art World and Everything Else, published in North America by Coach House Books and in Europe and the UK by Pluto Press. The book has received wide acclaim, with favourable coverage in the LA Times, the London Review of Books, the Times Literary Supplement, the Spectator and more. ArtReview called it ‘insightful, provocative and entertaining’. Curationism has recently been shortlisted by London’sICA Bookshop for Book of the Year.

Balzer has twice been a National Magazine Award winner, and is a co-founder of the Toronto Alliance of Art Critics.


( 英文投稿 )


鲍尔泽为国内和国际多家出版物撰写有关艺术和文化的文章,包括《卫报》、《环球邮报》、《现代画家》、《信徒》等。他也是 《MOMUS》杂志的特约编辑,以及《Canadian Art》的副主编。此外,他也是诸多杂志的特约撰稿人,包括Michaël Borremans, Janet Werner 和Margaux Williamson。并在加拿大多地的大学和学院开设讲座。