Zhang Wei

Joint Second Prize-Winner
( Entry in Chinese )

Zhang Wei, scholar, curator and artist, is Visiting Scholar at CityU MFACM and a PhD Candidate at the China Academy of Art, School of Intermedia, Art Research and Curatorial Department. He has published a number of articles on cultural criticism and art theory in many Chinese journals. He is co-author of the book Culture Criticism: The Theories and Practice of Cultural Criticism. His forthcoming book The Boundary of Contemporary Art, which brings a dynamic new methodology to the study of ludology as a worldwide phenomenon, is currently in preparation for the major Chinese publisher Commercial Press. As a curator and assistant curator, he worked on the 2012 Shanghai Biennial and on Hanart 100, at the Hong Kong Art Center, in 2013. In 2015, he won an award at the Power Station of Art ( PSA ) Young Curator Project, for an exhibition entitled ‘Chronopathology: Controlling Time always means being Controlled by Time’.


( 中文投稿 )

张未,张炜的笔名,青年学者、策展人,中国美术学院跨媒体学院视觉文化研究专业博士在读,同济大学文化批评研究所哲学专业硕士,自动化与建筑专业学士。长期从事游戏理论、艺术理论、文化批评、艺术创作等工作,在国内外期刊杂志上发表大量文章,出版书籍有:《21世纪文化地图》( 系列丛刊 )、《文化批评—文化哲学的理论与实践》( 合著 )、《玉石小史》( 商务出版社 ),理论关注点为中国传统精神与西方价值在新媒体及其技术、网络交互及其社会影响背后的当代哲学思想,以及思想背后所引发的社会与政治观念及其艺术与社会实践的变革。对身处全媒体时代的人类思维方式、时空感知、身体技术等命题亦有较为长期的研究。策展及参与项目有:2012年上海双年展、《汉雅100—香港汉雅轩30年展》、《玉出昆仑—徐龙森中国美术学院美术馆个展》、《本份—跨媒体博士展》等。2015年,张未赢得了上海当代艺术博物馆( Power Station of Art/PSA )年轻策展人项目,得奖展览题为《时间病:控制时间的都被时间控制》。