Yang Shihan

Yang Shihan is an art critic, based in Shanghai and Taipei. She curated two exhibitions in Taipei: ‘This is where I draw a line’, in 2015, and a solo show of Chiu Lin-Yao, in 2014. She is a frequent contributor to several art and film publications, including Artco Monthly Magazine, Film Appreciation Journal and Artist Magazine.


杨诗涵,巴黎高等文化艺术管理学院( IESA )与台北教育大学艺术与造形设计学系评论组双硕士。她目前定居于上海和台北。她曾在2015年于台北策划过《我在这里画一条线》展及2014年《邱琳窈个展》。她亦经常为一些艺术和电影刊物,包括《雅歌月刊》、《电影欣赏》杂志和《艺术家》杂志撰稿。