Mia Jankowicz

Mia Jankowicz is a writer, editor and independent curator based between Cairo and London. She writes about contemporary art, culture, and current affairs, often with a focus on Egypt. Her writing has appeared in Afterall Online, Egypt Independent, Frieze, Flash Art, MadaMasr, mic.com, Masquerade, The Exhibitionist, Contemporary&, and towards catalogues and monographs for Doa Aly, Runa Islam, Mohammed Zeeshan, Hamra Abbas, Alex Reynolds, and Frances Stark. She is a volunteer copy-editor for ArtMargins journal and, since November 2015, has been an associate editor at Cairobserver.

Between 2014 and 2015 she directed and taught on the Visual Arts major at the American University in Cairo. Between 2009 and 2013 she was Artistic Director of Contemporary Image Collective, in Cairo. Prior to these posts in Egypt, she studied for a Visual Cultures MA at Goldsmiths College and worked as Residencies Curator at Gasworks, London, before participating in the de Appel Curatorial Programme in Amsterdam.


米雅·让科维奇是一名工作、生活于开罗和伦敦的作家、编辑和独立策展人。她撰写关于当代艺术、文化和时事,侧重点通常为埃及。她的作品发表于《Afterall Online》、《Egypt Independent》、《Frieze》、《Flash Art》、《Mada Masr》、《mic.com》、《Masquerade》、《The Exhibitionist》、《Contemporary&》,曾为Doa Aly、Runa Islam、Mohammed Zeeshan、Hamra Abbas、Alex Reynolds和Frances Stark编目录、写专著。她是ARTMargins期刊的文字编辑志愿者,自2015年开始为Cairobserver的副主编。