Gu Ling

Gu Ling, writer, translator, editor, lives and works in Shanghai. Her articles have been published in Randian, ArtReview Asia, The Art Newspaper, Flash Art, ArtForum CN, LEAP, Art and Design, Art World and Art China, etc. She has translated Curatorial Challenges – Correspondence between Hou Hanru and Hans Ulrich Obrist, and translated some of Yan Lei’s texts, including What I Like to Do ( published for Documenta 13 ), and Truth, Beauty, Freedom and Money ( K11 Art ). She has been the PA to the marketing and communications director at the Rockbound Art Museum, Shanghai. She has been deputy editor of Randian since 2012. She has been working for the British Council as Head of Digital Arts, China, since 2014. She was commissioned by the Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven, to edit the Li Mu: Qiuzhuang Project, published in September 2015. She was recently appointed head of communications for the Design Society, a new cultural complex initiated by China Merchants’ Group, in collaboration with the Victoria & Albert Museum, in Shekou, Shenzhen.


顾灵,艺术作者、翻译、编辑,生活、工作于上海。文章见刊于《燃点Randian》、《Art Review Asia》、《艺术新闻( 中文版 )》、《艺术界》、《艺术论坛》、《艺术与设计》、《艺术世界》、《艺术当代》、《Flash Art》、《瑞象视点》等。译著有《策展的挑战:侯瀚如与小汉斯的通信》( 2013年金城出版社 ),参与翻译的出版物有《颜磊:我喜欢做的》( 2012年第13届卡塞尔文献展特别发行 ),《真实,美,自由与金钱》( 2013年 K11 Art )等。曾任上海外滩美术馆馆长助理、营销发展主管,British Council中国数字艺术主管。自2012年起任《燃点Randian》编辑。受荷兰埃因霍温Van Abbemuseum委托,编辑《李牧:仇庄计划》一书,已于2015年9月出版。现参与筹备深圳蛇口招商局与V&A合办的新设计文化综合体项目,计划于2017年开馆。