Andreas Petrossiants

Andreas Petrossiants is an independent art historian, critic and curator based in New York. He completed his MA at the Courtauld Institute of Art in London, where he researched the labour politics and aesthetics of critical art working of the 1960s through to the present day. Before that he studied between New York and Florence. He is a frequent contributor to The Brooklyn Rail and has published his writing in Senza Cornice, Daily Serving and elsewhere. Most recently he has contributed writing to exhibition catalogues for White Space Gallery ( London ) and Carriage Trade ( New York ).

安德烈斯· 帕特罗希安茨

安德烈斯· 帕特罗希安茨是现居纽约的独立艺术史学家, 评论家兼策展人。他曾先后求学于纽约与佛罗伦萨两地,并获伦敦大学科陶德艺术学院硕士学位,研究课题为60 年代至今重要艺术作品中所折射出的劳工政治与审美观。除了经常为《布鲁克林铁路报》( The Brooklyn Rail ) 撰稿之外,他的文章亦散见于《无框架》 ( Senza Cornice ), 《日常服务》 ( Daily Serving ) 等艺术媒体。近期他为伦敦白空间画廊 ( White Space Gallery ) 及纽约运输贸易画廊 ( Carriage Trade ) 撰写展讯。