Wang Pengjie

Born in Liaoning in 1987, Wang Pengjie was awarded a BA degree in 2010 and an MA degree in 2013 from the Department of Oil Painting at the Fine Arts Institute in Sichuan. Since 2015 he has been studying for his PhD at the Department of Art History at the Academy of Arts and Design, Tsinghua University. His research interests include modern and contemporary art theories and critical practices, China’s contemporary art history, and the history of painting ideology during the Republic of China era. He has published a number of articles in journals, including Art Research, Art Observation, Art China, Art Monthly, Contemporary Artists, Film Auteur and National Arts.

Wang Pengjie was awarded First Prize ( 2015 ) and Second Prize ( 2016 ) in the Awards for Chinese Youth Art Criticism, as well as First Prize in The Earl of Cromer Scholarship Awards for the Best Contemporary Chinese Artists in 2010, and First Prize in the Zhang Xiaogang Contemporary Art Master’s Degree Scholarship Awards in 2013. In addition, as an artist, he has also taken part in over thirty exhibitions in China and overseas.


辽宁海城人,从事绘画创作, 艺术批评, 艺术史研究, 当代艺术教学及策展工作。

2010 年本科毕业于四川美术学院油画系,2013 年获硕士学位。2015 至今在清华大学美术学院艺术史论系攻读艺术学博士学位,研究方向:现当代艺术理论及批评实践研究, 中国现当代思想史与艺术史研究。2015-2016 年曾获中国青年艺术批评奖一等奖, 二等奖;2013 年获张晓刚当代艺术创作者奖学金首奖;2011 年获柯罗默中国当代艺术优秀者奖学金首奖。绘画作品入选中外艺术展览数十次,十余篇艺术理论, 批评文章发表于多种学术刊物和出版物,部分学术文章被翻译为英文, 法文, 德文发表。