Sean Ashton

Joint Second Prize
Entry in English

Sean Ashton writes fiction, criticism and poetry. From 2007 to 2011 he was an associate editor of MAP Magazine, and from 2012 to 2017 he wrote for ArtReview. In 2007 he published a volume of short stories called Sunsets and Dogshits ( Alma Books, Richmond, Surrey ), a collection of reviews of imaginary artworks and books. He has recently published his first novel, Living In A Land ( Eros Press, London ). His second novel, The Way to Work, is due to be published in the coming year. Ashton lives in London and works at Leeds Beckett University.

肖恩· 阿什顿


肖恩· 阿什顿,小说, 评论和诗歌写作者。2007 年- 2011 年,他是MAP 杂志的助理编辑,2012 年- 2017 年为ArtReview 撰稿。2007 年,他发表了短片故事集《日落》以及关于虚拟艺术作品和图书的评论文集。今年,他出版了第一部小说《Living in a Land》。第二本小说《The Way to Work》将于明年发表。阿什顿目前生活在伦敦,并在英国利兹贝克特大学任职。