Joshua Leon

Joshua Leon is a poet, artist and curator from London. He completed his MA at the Royal College of Art and during his period of studies he co-founded P.P.S, an intimate project space hosting bi-weekly exhibitions and events. He has published work in several online and offline publications, and has exhibited in multiple venues in the UK, Berlin and France. He has also worked as a visiting lecturer and given talks about his practice. His work revolves around studying inauthentic voices, which is based in the production of performative texts and video and installation. The work itself draws from research into poetry, psychology, political theory and theatre, from which he tries to build environments that match the tone and vibrancy of the texts he writes. He considers this a form of abstract narrative, and, while there is a great deal of reference, the work aims to be honest, personal and intimate.

约书亚· 莱昂

约书亚· 莱昂是来自伦敦的诗人, 艺术家兼策展人。他曾获英国皇家艺术学院硕士学位,并在求学期间联合发起P.P.S. 项目,每隔两周举办各类展览及活动。他在多家线上与线下平台发表文章,并在英国, 德国柏林及法国等地举办展览。他亦以访问讲师的身份周游各地分享其创作实践心得。其作品以研究人类互动行为的文本, 录像及装置为基础,针对各类不真实声音/ 假声展开讨论。他将相关研究转化成诗歌, 心理学, 政治理论及剧场表演等各种形式,以此试图营造与其写作的格调相符的环境。他认为这是一种抽象表述的方式, 尽管参考大量的资料,但依然志在提供诚实, 个人化与带给人亲切感的作品。