Wang Ruiqi

Wang Ruiqi received an MPhil degree at Shanghai’s Tongji University and is currently a PhD candidate in Semiology at the Université Paris Diderot, the title of his thesis being ‘Ambiguity in Roland Barthes’ Works’. His writing encompasses wide areas of literature, arts and philosophy, with a focus on contemporary French radical theories, the New Materialist Movement and avant-garde literature. He has translated a series of key works in the fields of philosophy and literature, including Pierre Klossowski, Nietzsche and the Vicious Circle; Bruno Latour, L’économie, science des intérêts passionnés: Introduction à l’anthropologie économique de Gabriel Tarde; Pierre Bourdieu, Homo academicus; and Raymond Queneau, Exercices de style. He is currently working on an art project named Simulacres, 100.


同济大学哲学硕士。法国巴黎第七大学符号学博士在读。从事文学, 艺术与哲学三方面的写作,关注当代法国激进理论, 新物质主义运动和先锋文学,博士论文为《罗兰· 巴特作品中的暧昧性》,翻译数本哲学, 文学领域的重要著作,其中包括克洛索夫斯基《尼采与恶性循环》, 拉图尔《激情利益的经济学》, 布迪厄《学术人》, 格诺《风格练习》等,目前正参与名为“Simulacres, 100”的艺术计划。