Adam Hines-Green

Adam Hines-Green is an artist and writer, based in London. He graduated with an MA in Fine Art from the Royal College of Art, London, in 2018, and has degrees in medicine from University College London, and history of art and medical sciences from the University of Cambridge. His writing was awarded the Michael O’Pray Prize
( 2018 ), and he has been shortlisted for the Burlington Contemporary Art Writing Prize ( 2018 ) and the International Awards for Art Criticism ( 2017 ).


亚当·海恩斯—格林是一位现居伦敦的艺术家和写作者。他2018 年获伦敦皇家艺术学院的纯艺术硕士学位,并拥有伦敦大学学院的医学学位,以及剑桥大学的艺术史和医药科学学位。他的写作获得过Michael O’Pray 奖( 2018 ),此外还入围了伯灵顿艺术写作奖( 2018 ) 和国际艺术评论奖( 2017 )。