Gao Ran

Gao Ran is a PhD candidate in the field of contemporary art and space theory at the College of Literature and Journalism of Sichuan University. He received a BA degree in environmental art design and an MA degree in visual communication design at the Department of Art and Communication, Southwest Jiaotong University. From 2017 to 2018 he was a visiting scholar at the School of Arts, Languages and Cultures, University of Manchester, under the auspices of the China Scholarship Council’s Artistic Talents Programme. He is a winner of the Shaped Clay Society Award at Syracuse University and has published art reviews in publications such as Cultural Studies and Literary Theory.


四川大学文学与新闻学院艺术学理论专业博士研究生, 研究方向为当代艺术与空间理论。西南交通大学艺术与传播学院环境艺术设计专业学士,视觉传达设计专业硕士。2017—2018 受CSC 国家留学基金委艺术类人才特别项目资助,在英国曼彻斯特大学艺术、语言与文化学院进行为期一年的博士联合培养。曾获美国雪城大学乐瓦烧瓷艺术工作室卓越奖等奖项;曾在《中外文化与文论》等刊物上发表文章。