Dong Yuxiang

Joint Second Prize
Entry in Chinese

Dong Yuxiang completed his bachelor’s degree at the Department of Fine Arts, Beijing Film Academy. He then went on to earn his MA in Fine Arts at Rochester Institute of Technology ( RIT ). He is currently a PhD candidate, majoring in the Media, Art and Text programme at Virginia Commonwealth University ( VCU ). His research focus is on the interrelationship between art, technology and society.



董宇翔,先后毕业于北京电影学院和罗切斯特理工学院, 获艺术学士和艺术硕士学位。现在弗吉尼亚联邦大学攻读博士学位,专业为媒介、艺术和文本。他的研究旨在探索艺术、技术和社会的关系。