Gwen Burlington

Joint Second Prize
Entry in English

Gwen Burlington graduated from the National College of Art and Design in Dublin, with a joint degree in History of Art and Fine Art Media. She initially shied away from a career related to art, because she was aware that the prospects for someone writing about art were not very good. However, after working in a bank, then living in Vietnam for some time, she went on to take an MA in Contemporary Art Theory at Edinburgh College of Art, which, she says, was costly and probably not worth the expense. Recently, she moved to London and started working as a freelance art writer.



格温·柏灵顿,毕业于都柏林国立美术学院,获艺术史和美术媒介双学士学位。毕业后,格温没有从事艺术相关事业, 尽管她希望进行艺术写作工作,但也深知这是一条艰难的职业道路。她选择了在一家银行工作,并在越南居住了一段时间。之后,格温在爱丁堡艺术学院获得了当代艺术理论硕士学位, 不过她觉得成本与所获并不成正比。最近,格温搬至伦敦, 成为一名自由撰稿人。