Wang Huan

First Prize
Entry in Chinese

Wang Huan is a Beijing-based writer, curator and editor of Jiazazhi Magazine. He has tried practising a kind of anti-stylistic writing and has published a series of art reviews in various public media such as LEAP Magazine, Art World Magazine, Art Shard and Ray Art Center’s Reviews. He has also curated a number of exhibitions, including Objects That Have Been Intruded ( a project for the Jimei x Arles International Photo Festival, 2016 ), the Finalists’ Exhibition of the 2016 New Talent Awards ( Chronus Art Center [CAC], 2017 ) and The Port and the Image: Documenting China’s Harbor Cities ( China Port Museum, 2017 ). Projects he has initiated include the New Talent Awards ( 2014 – 16 ), the New Talent Photofairs Talk Series and the Artists’ Studios Open Day Project.



王欢,现居北京的写作者、策划人,同时是《假杂志》的编辑。他在实践中尝试一种去文体化的写作,评论散见于《艺术界LEAP》《艺术世界》《假杂志》《艺术碎片》《瑞象视点》等媒体。策划的展览包括“被介入的物件”( 2016,集美·阿尔勒国际摄影季项目 )、“2016 新锐摄影奖入围展”(2017, 新时线媒体艺术中心)、“港口与影像: 行动中的中国港城影像计划”(2017, 中国港口博物馆)。策划的项目包括“新锐摄影奖”(2014—2016)、“NEW TALENT 陌生的经验” 系列讲座、“开放艺术家工作室计划”等。