Xi Lei

Xi Lei is a filmmaker and freelance writer, who currently lives in Cologne and Berlin. Having graduated from the China Academy of Art, he is now working to complete his postgraduate diploma at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne ( KHM ) and was awarded the Große Kunstpreis des Vereins der Freunde der KHM ( Great Art Prize of the KHM Friends Association ) in 2016. The main focus of Xi’s research and creative activity is on topics relating to heterology and hybridity. He has undertaken in-depth investigations into the relationship between art and contemporary technology, spatial hybridity, colonial contexts and aesthetic discourses. Xi has been a long-term contributor of art reviews and fiction to publications including IART Magazine and ARTouch Magazine. In 2017 he founded STAGEBETWEEN, as a platform for art spaces.


奚雷,影像制作者与自由撰稿人,现居科隆和柏林,毕业于中国美术学院,即将完成科隆媒体艺术学院的Diplom 研究工作,于2016 年获得Großer Kunstpreis der Freunde der KHM 奖项。他把对异质主题的杂糅作为创作与研究的方式, 主要涉及艺术与当代技术、空间的混杂性、殖民语境以及美学话语之间的关系。他为《艺术汇》长期撰稿,其他评论文章以及小说散见于《典藏》《反熵讨纣》等刊物。他在2017 年创建了艺术空间生成平台STAGEBETWEEN。