Dagmara Genda

Dagmara Genda is an artist and freelance writer, currently working in Berlin. Born in Poland, she emigrated to Canada as a child, where she lived in numerous cities, including Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Thunder Bay, London, Toronto and Guelph. A corresponding restlessness feeds her art and writing practice, which tends to focus on the fragility and changeability of perception. Genda has written for Border Crossings, Momus and Canadian Art, among others. Her writing has appeared in numerous exhibition catalogues.


达格玛拉·根道是一位生活工作在德国柏林的艺术家和自由撰稿人。她在波兰出生,童年时移民至加拿大,并且在包括温尼伯、萨斯卡通、桑德湾、伦敦、多伦多和圭尔夫等多个城市生活过。随之带来的不安定感滋养了她的创作及写作,她倾向于关注有关感知的脆弱及可变。根道曾为诸多媒体撰写过文章,包括Border Crossings,Momus 和《加拿大艺术》等等。她的文字也曾出现在各种展览图册和相关文本中。