Lizzie Homersham is a writer and editor living in London. She has a bachelor’s degree in Modern and Medieval Languages ( French and Spanish, University of Cambridge, 2011 ) and a master’s degree in History of Art ( Countercultures: Alternative Art in Eastern Europe and Latin America 1959–1989, Courtauld Institute of Art, 2013 ). She is a Critical Studies Fellow 2016–17 of the Whitney Independent Study Program, New York, and Jerwood Visual Arts Writer in Residence, 2016. ‘What’s Love Got To Do With Teleportation?’ is Homersham’s independent publishing project, facilitated in 2018–19 by Jupiter Woods, London, as a reading and screening group. Her criticism has appeared in print magazines, including Art Monthly and Art Papers, as well as online at, and She co-founded A-or-ist, a collective publication ‘for the elsewhere unfinished or otherwise disallowed’, and has collaborated with Channels, a feminist scriptwriting and performance group.

写作者、编辑,工作生活于伦敦。于英国剑桥大学学习法语和西班牙语,并取得“现代及中世纪语言”学士学位。2013年,于科陶德艺术学院研究“反主流文化:1959至1989东欧及拉美的另类艺术”,并取得硕士学位。2016-2017年纽约惠特尼独立研究项目的重要研究员之一,同时也是2016年耶尔伍德视觉艺术常驻作家。“爱和瞬间移动有什么关系?”是其一个独立出版项目,在2018年至2019年间项目以阅读与放映的形式在非盈利独立艺术机构Jupiter Woods开展。评论文章发表于《画刊》和Art Papers等平面杂志,以及Artforum.comart-agenda.comRhizome.org等网上平台。《A-or-ist》的联合创立者之一,这是一个“为了那些未完成和不被允许的”集合出版物,并与一个女权主义编剧和表演团体Channels建立了合作。