Adrián Gouet Hiriart is a Chilean artist and researcher based in London, where he is currently undertaking research for a PhD in Arts and Humanities at the Royal College of Art ( RCA ). His practice explores the poetics of speculation in painting and writing, as ways of observing and experimenting with the ways in which memory and imagination become enmeshed through ambiguous images and language acquired during the passage between both dimensions.

His works have been exhibited in various collective shows, including Untitled ( Centro Cultural Matucana 100, 2010 ), The Earthquake of Chile ( First Triennial of Chile, Museum of Contemporary Art, Santiago, 2009 ), Ni uno ni otro, Los otros ( 2016, Museo de Artes Visuales, Santiago ), as well as solo shows at Galería Macchina ( 2012 ), Sala de Arte CCU ( 2015 ) and Galería NAC ( 2019 ). He has collaborated on texts for Prova Journal ( School of Arts and Humanities Research, RCA, 2020 ) and Revista Diagrama ( Universidad Finis Terrae, Santiago, 2020 ). He was awarded the third prize in MAVI-Minera Escondida in 2015 and a Vermont Studio Center Residency Fellowship in 2017.


他参与的群展包括《无题》( 2010年,马图卡纳100 ),《智利地震》( 2009年,视觉艺术三年展,MAC ),“Ni uno ni otro – Los otros”( 2016年,MAVI ),并曾于Macchina画廊( 2012年 )、CCU Art Hall( 2015年 )和NAC画廊( 2019年 )举办个展。他长期供稿于Prova( RCA,艺术人文学院,2020年 )和Diagrama( Finis Terrae大学,智利圣地亚哥,2020年 )等期刊,曾获得MAVI-Minera Escondida三等奖( 2015年 )和VSC驻地奖学金( 2017年 )。