Patrick J. Reed is an artist and arts writer. He is a regular contributor to art-agenda and Sorbet Magazine, and he is a staff writer for THE SEEN, where he is the author of ‘Sonic Avenues’, an ongoing column that features essays on contemporary artists engaging with sound and the larger cultural implications of their work. His criticism is also featured in various other publications, including ArtReview, ArtReview Asia, The Brooklyn Rail, Canvas: Art and Culture from the Middle East and Arab World, CURA and Spike Art Magazine. He lives in Los Angeles.

帕特里克·J·里德是一位驻洛杉矶的艺术家和艺术写作者。他是art-agenda和Sorbet杂志的定期撰稿人,也是THE SEEN》“Sonic Avenues”的专栏作者,该专栏主要聚焦于当代艺术家的发声与他们的工作所产生的更大范围内的文化影响。他的艺术评论也发表于、ArtReview、、ArtReview Asia、《布鲁克林铁路》《Canvas: 来自中东和阿拉伯世界的艺术和文化》、CURA和Spike Art Magazine。