Hong Ying was born in 1984 in Yongtai, Fujian Province, and is an independent art writer and curator. Hong Ying focuses on post-1980s and post-1990s artists, carrying out in-depth and continuous research on the work of particular artists and also exploring art from broad cultural and artistic aspects ( such as literature, music, philosophy, history and sociology ). Hong Ying’s articles are published on platforms such as United Art Museum, Soka Art, ArtDepot, Yibo Gallery, Liang Project, Art.ifeng and 99 Art.

洪颖,常用名洪隐,字半隐。1984年生于福建永泰,艺术作者,独立策展人。以80至90后的艺术家群体为主要关注对象,聚焦艺术家个案做深度观察与持续研究,倾向于从广义的文化艺术层面( 文学、音乐、哲学、历史、社会学等 )来探讨艺术,评论文章见于合美术馆、索卡艺术、艺术仓库、艺博画廊、LIANG PROJECT、凤凰艺术、99艺术网等平台。