Zhang Yaxuan graduated from Beijing Normal University with a degree in art. She has been developing her critical and curatorial practice in the field of the creative image, and in recent years has also been involved in filmmaking. She has written articles about film for art and general magazines, co-authored Works Making Creation Comments and co-edited Jia Zhangke’s Home Trilogy, participated in the writing of Film+ series, and contributed to various overseas publications and international festivals, such as the Cahiers du Cinéma/Capricci film series, German Chinese Contemporary Art, Shanghai Biennale 2014 and documenta 14.

张亚璇,毕业于北京师范大学艺术系,之后始终在创造性影像领域展开她的批评和策展实践,近年也参与电影制片工作。她曾为国内艺术和综合杂志写作电影专栏,与人合著出版《一个人的影像》《贾樟柯三部曲》,参与《电影+》丛书的写作,也曾为多种海外出版物和国际节展提供稿件,如法国《电影手册》、Cappricci 电影丛刊、德国《中国当代艺术》、2014上海双年展、2017卡塞尔文献展。