Kamayani Sharma is an independent writer and researcher trained in philosophy ( Fergusson College, Pune ) and visual culture studies ( Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi ). A former text editor for ART India, to which she continues to contribute as Delhi correspondent, she writes for Artforum, The White Review, Momus, Critical Collective and Take On Art, as well as exhibition catalogues. She was awarded the Inlaks-Take On Art Writing Grant in 2015 and was the critic-in-residence at the Serendipity Arts Foundation’s Dharti Residency in 2018. The latter culminated in the publication of her essay in book form ( Explorations of the Contemporary, HarperCollins, 2019 ). Her academic essays on cinema have been published in a peer-reviewed journal ( Studies in South Asian Film and Media ) or are forthcoming in edited volumes.

卡马亚尼·夏尔马是一位独立作家和研究者,曾就读于哲学( 浦那弗格森学院 )和视觉文化研究( 尼赫鲁大学艺术学院 )专业。她曾任《印度艺术》的编辑,现以德里记者的身份继续为该杂志撰稿,她的文章也发表于Artforum、The White Review、Momus、Critical Collective和Take On Art。她在2015年获得Inlaks-Take On Art写作资助,并在2018年成为Serendipity艺术基金会Dharti Residency的驻场评论家,后者的写作成果已集结出版(《当代探索》,HarperCollins,2019 )。她关于电影的学术论文发表于学术期刊《南亚电影和媒体研究》中。