Yang Ru, Elsa has an MA in Literary and Art Theory from Nanjing University and is currently carrying out research for a PhD in Cultural Studies at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, where the title of her thesis is Woodcut: As a Medium of Modernity in China ( 1930s and 1940s ). After having travelled and studied in the cities of Europe, she changed direction from her roles in academic research, art criticism and curation, and is focusing her attention on the cultural and creative industries. She hopes more of the public in China might be able to enjoy high-level intellectual and cultural products. Her main published texts include A Research into the Text – Image Relationship between Ten Odes and the Ten Odes-Themed Picture, The Sculptural Pair at the Square of National Agricultural Exhibition Hall from the Perspective of Public Art and Annual Report of Cultural and Creative in Hong Kong ( co-authored ).

杨儒,南京大学文艺学硕士,香港中文大学文化研究博士,博士论文题目是《木刻:作为中国现代性的媒介( 1930至1940年代 )》。她一直从事视觉艺术研究,在欧洲城市游学后,将目光转向文化创意产业,在学术研究、艺术评论、策展实践之间转换身份,希望中国更多大众可以享受到高质量的精神文化产品。主要发表论文有:《〈十咏诗〉和〈十咏图〉“语-图”关系研究》《公共艺术视野中的全国农业展览馆广场雕塑》《香港文化创意产业年度报告》(合著)等。