Alice Ming Wai Jim

Alice Ming Wai Jim is Associate Professor of Contemporary Art at Concordia University in Montreal, where she teaches contemporary art, media arts, ethnocultural and global art histories ( with a focus on contemporary Asian and Asian Canadian art ), international art exhibitions and curatorial studies. She is founding co-editor of the scholarly journal Asian Diasporic Visual Cultures and the Americas ( Brill, NL ) and is the 2015 recipient of the Centre de documentation d’Artexte Award for Research in Contemporary Art. From 2003 to 2006 she was curator of Centre A ( Vancouver International Centre for Contemporary Asian Art ). Recent published articles include contributions to Third Text, Journal of Curatorial Studies, Journal of Visual Culture, Journal of East Asian Popular Culture, Yishu Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art: ‘Triennial City: Localising Asian Art’ ( Asia Triennial Manchester, 2014 ); ‘Negotiations in a Vacant Lot: Studying the Visual in Canada’ ( 2014 ); ‘Human Rights and the Arts: Perspectives from Global Asia’ ( 2014 ); and ‘Mass Effect: Art and the Internet in the 21st Century’ ( 2015 ).


加拿大蒙特利尔市康考迪亚大学当代艺术副教授。她在该大学讲授当代艺术、媒体艺术、民族文化和全球艺术史( 主要专注于当代亚洲文化和亚裔加拿大文化 )、国际艺术展览和策展研究。她是学术期刊《亚洲离散视觉文化和美洲》( Brill, NL )的合编者,并于2015年获Centre de documentation d’Artexte当代艺术研究奖。2003至2006年间,她担任温哥华当代亚洲艺术国际中心策展人。近期撰稿及出版物包括:《第三文本》、《策展研究期刊》、《视觉文化期刊》、《东亚流行文化期刊》、《艺术:中国当代艺术》、《三连展本地化亚洲艺术( 亚洲三连展城市曼彻斯特》( 2014 )、《空地谈判:加拿大视觉艺术研究》( 2014 )、《人权和艺术:全球亚洲视角》( 2014 )、《质量效应:21世纪艺术与互联网》( 2015 )。