Gary Zhexi Zhang

Gary Zhexi Zhang is a writer and artist, whose work is concerned with private and political narratives of the digital. He studied at Glasgow School of Art and University of Cambridge, and is a staff contributor to Frieze magazine. He is currently interested in touch, slime moulds and the Chinese Internet. Recent exhibitions include Tenderflix ‘Futures’ at ICA, London; Would you like to help? at EMBASSY Gallery, Edinburgh; and All Channels Open at Wysing Arts Center, near Cambridge.


作家兼艺术家,他的工作方向是“数字化的个体和政治叙事”。他曾就读于格拉斯哥艺术学院和剑桥大学,目前是Frieze杂志的撰稿人。他现在对触觉、黏土模具和中国互联网产生很大兴趣。近期的展览包括伦敦ICA的”以及爱丁堡大使馆画廊“您愿意帮忙吗?” 更多他的信息可访问网站