Wei Zhang

Wei Zhang is a young scholar and curator specialising in the study of Chinese contemporary art, art criticism and ludology theory. He received an MA at the Department of Philosophy, Tongji University, Shanghai, and a PhD at the School of Intermedia Art ( SIMA ), China Academy of Art, Hangzhou. His work appears in various academic periodicals and professional art magazines. His publications include Cultural Map of the 21st Century ( series ), Cultural Criticism: Theories and Practices of Cultural Philosophy ( co-author ) and Basic Problems in Ludology Studies ( forthcoming ).


笔名张未,青年学者、策展人,中国美术学院跨媒体学院博士,同济大学哲学系硕士。从事中国当代文化研究、艺术评论、游戏理论与策展工作。出版物有《21世纪文化地图》( 系列丛刊 )、《文化批评金文化哲学的理论与实践》( 合著 )、《游戏学研究的基本问题》( 即出 )。长期为国内众多学术期刊及艺术专业杂志供稿。