Qianfan Gu

Qianfan Gu is a freelance art-writing contributor, translator and art critic. Her writings and work as a translator can be found in, for example, ArtChina magazine, ArtForum China, Randian online zine, The Art Newspaper China and Esquire China. She graduated from the Journalism School of Renmin University of China, then took advanced courses at the Photography Studio of the Central Academy of Fine Arts ( CAFA ), Beijing, where she also worked for a period, both on the Academy’s magazine and in its art museum. She is currently studying for an MA in Art History at Hunter College, New York. GU has participated in several collaborative projects: she is the chief editor of the online academic platform The Hunting; she has established a project called ‘Republic of Extraordinary Abilityin New York; and she collaborates on the ‘Big Spiral’ art project, with St. Jiu.


自由撰稿人、译者、艺术评论人。写作和译文散见于《艺术当代》、ArtForum China、《燃点》、《艺术新闻》中文版、Esquire China、《三联生活周刊》、澎湃艺术观等媒体。本科毕业于中国人民大学新闻学专业,后在中央美术学院摄影工作室进修,曾在杂志社和美术馆工作,现在纽约Hunter College攻读艺术史硕士。此外,参与多个合作项目,包括:在线学术平台“狩猎”的主编;与朱宜在纽约合作“杰出人才共和国”;与St.Jiu合作“大螺旋”等。