Xi’an Chen

Xi’an Chen ( born 1986, Taipei ) is a freelance writer currently living in Taipei. He often takes his inspiration from the figures and objects of the contemporary art scene. And he uses literary language as a new form of criticism in his independent writing to reach new audiences. His anthology, Fictional Exhibitions, was commended by the artistic director of Tate Liverpool, Francesco Manacorda, and was awarded the International Prize of Contemporary Art by the Fondation Prince Pierre de Monaco in 2015. His recent commissioned writings include the exhibition introduction to the Liverpool Biennial ( 2016 ), and a short story about the personification of art institutions for Future Histories ( 2016 ), co-published by V-A-C Foundation, Moscow, and Mousse Publishing, Milan. Since 2014 he has created a series of critical writings, by identifying himself with the writer and critic Liu Na’ou ( born 1905, Taiwan; died 1940, Shanghai ), and using the entry point of science fiction and moving images. His film Display on Site ( 2015 ), made in the name of Liu Na’ou, was shown in Chronus Art Center ( CAC ) in Shanghai.


陈玺安( 1986年生于台北,现居台北 )是一位自由撰稿作家。他的独立写作经常以当代艺术里的人物和物品作为蓝本。而其艺术评论则以文学性的语言试着接待新的批评方式和新的读者。其文集《不存在的展览》曾由泰特利物浦艺术总监Francesco Manacorda推荐,获得摩纳哥皮埃尔王子基金会颁发的当代艺术写作奖( 2015 )。近期委任写作包括受2016年利物浦双年展邀请撰写作为展览前言的未来展评,以及为俄罗斯V-A-C基金会及Mousse Publishing共同出版之Future Histories( 2016 )撰写将艺术机构拟人化的短篇小说。他自2014年起以上海作家、批评家刘呐鸥( 1905年生于台湾,1940年死于上海 )的身份发展,以科幻及移动影像为切入点的创作及评论。以刘呐鸥为署名制作之影片曾呈现于上海新时线艺术中心( 《现场呈现》,2015 )。