Sarah Bay Gachot

Sarah Bay Gachot is an arts writer, curator, educator and artist, who lives in Los Angeles. She is currently working on an exhibition about the artist Robert Cumming for the George Eastman Museum in Rochester, New York; a series of piñatas to be exhibited at the Art Souterrain festival in Montreal, Quebec; and teaching photography history at Chaffey College in California. She recently published a monograph with Aperture entitled Robert Cumming: The Difficulties of Nonsense. Her other publications include articles for Aperture magazine, the Photo-Eye Blog, ArtSlant, The PhotoBook Review, The Daily Beast and The Art Book Review, as well as many catalogues and other short works on artists. Recently she was a finalist for the Creative Capital/Andy Warhol Foundation Arts Writers Grant, and in 2014 she was granted their six-month workshop in arts writing, co-sponsored by the International Association of Art Critics ( AICA ). Before pursuing her Masters in Art History at the University of California, Riverside, she was a research fellow in the photography department at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.


现生活于洛杉矶,艺术作家、策展人、教育工作者和艺术家。目前进行的工作包括负责艺术家罗伯特卡明( Robert Cumming )在纽约罗契斯特市乔治伊士曼博物馆的展览;在魁北克省蒙特利尔洞穴艺术节上的系列展示;以及在美国加州查菲学院教授摄影史。近期著述包括《光圈》专题《罗伯特卡明:荒谬的困境》。她也为包括《光圈》杂志、《摄像之眼》博客、《艺术偏见》、《PhotoBook评论》、《每日野兽》、《艺术书评》等各类媒体撰写文章。莎拉曾获2016年“创意资本/安迪沃霍尔基金会艺术作家奖”提名,并于2014年参加了该基金会与国际艺术评论家协会共同赞助的、为期六个月的艺术写作研讨会。她曾是洛杉矶艺术馆摄影部研究员,并于里弗赛得的加州大学获得艺术史硕士学位。