Lauren Wetmore

Lauren Wetmore is a curator and writer based in Brussels, where she works with Mophradat ( formerly the Young Arab Theatre Fund; ), a non-profit contemporary arts association that creates opportunities for thinking, producing and sharing among contemporary artists from the Arab world and their international peers. Previously she was associate curator of Frieze Projects in London, where she oversaw interdisciplinary commissions by artists, including Lutz Bacher and Nick Mauss, with curator Nicola Lees. As curatorial assistant for the 2013 Carnegie International in  Pittsburgh, she co-authored the exhibition’s catalogue and contributed to its offsite public programme, The Apartment, with presentations by Kevin Beasley and others. As programme coordinator of visual arts residencies at the Banff Centre ( Alberta, Canada ), she produced Ragnar Kjartansson’s television spectacular, Soirée TV. She has also held curatorial positions at the Barbican Art Gallery, London, and was the inaugural winner of the 2015 Encura curatorial residency at Fundació AAVC Hangar, Barcelona. She has contributed to publications such as Spike Art Quarterly and Momus, and catalogues, including Xavier Cha: abduct ( MOCA, Cleveland, 2016 ).


布鲁塞尔策展人兼作家。她目前任职于Mophradat( 前身为阿拉伯青年戏剧基金, )金一个非盈利当地艺术协会,为阿拉伯当代艺术家和其他国际同侪提供思考、生产和分享的平台。之前,她担任弗里兹项目( 英国伦敦 )的助理策展人,与策展人Nicola Lees一道,协调包括Lutz Bacher和Nick Mauss等艺术家在内的跨领域委员会。作为2013年卡耐基国际展( 美国匹兹堡 )的策展助理,她与Kevin Beasley等人共同编写了展览的目录,并为其离线公共项目“公寓”撰稿。作为班夫中心( 加拿大班夫 )视觉艺术住宅的项目协调员,她主办了Ragnar Kjartansson的电视展览“电视晚会”。她还在巴比肯美术馆担任策展员,并且是Hangar( 西班牙巴塞罗那 )2015年Ecura策展住宅的首位获奖人。她为《斯皮克艺术季刊》和momus等刊物撰稿,并编写了包括《Xavier Cha:绑架》( 克利夫兰MOCA,2016 )等在内的目录。