Peter Lunenfeld

Joint Second Prize Winner
Entry in English

Peter Lunenfeld is a professor and vice chairperson of UCLA’s Design Media Arts department, and is on the faculties of the Digital Humanities and Urban Humanities programmes. He grew up in New York but has lived in Southern California for almost three decades. His work can be mapped via a complex Venn diagram that includes media philosophy, design theory, art criticism, urban history and digital humanities. Recent publications include The Secret War Between Downloading and Uploading ( winner of the 2013 Dorothy Lee Award for Outstanding Scholarship ), Digital_Humanities ( co-authored with Anne Burdick, Johanna Drucker, Todd Presner and Jeffrey Schnapp, 2012 ) and USER: InfoTechnoDemo ( all MIT Press ). He was the 2015–16 Dana and David Dornsife Fellow at the Huntington Library, working on an alternative, connectionist history of Southern California’s cultural lives titled City at the Edge of Forever: Los Angeles Beyond the Screen.



彼得罗内菲尔德博士现任加州大学洛杉矶分校( UCLA )设计与媒体艺术系教授和副主席、UCLA数字人文跨学科项目指导委员会委员。彼得罗内菲尔德出生于纽约,但在南加州生活居住三十载。他的研究囊括了媒体哲学、设计理论、艺术批评、城市历史和数字人文。最近的出版物包括《下载和上传的秘密战争》( 获2013年Dorothy Lee Award杰出奖学金 )、《数字人文》( 与Anne Burdick, Johanna Drucker, Todd Presner, Jeffrey Schnapp合著,2012 )、以及USER: InfoTechnoDemo 。上述论著均由麻省理工学院出版社出版。他也曾在亨廷顿图书馆担任2015-16年度Dana&David Dornsife 研究员,研究方向为南加州文化生活的他择性联结