Laura Oldfield Ford

First Prize
Entry in English

Laura Oldfield Ford, who was born in Halifax, West Yorkshire, in 1973, is a London-based artist and writer concerned with spatial narratives, contested space, architecture and memory. Her work is a psychogeographic mapping of de-industrialised zones, rooted in a multidisciplinary practice, which draws on her involvement in subcultural scenes and protest movements. Most recently she has tended to engage in an intense scrutiny of landscape, religious zealotry, nationalism and class.

Oldfield Ford completed a BA at the Slade in 2001 and an MA in Painting at the Royal College of Art in 2007. In 2013–14 she was Stanley Picker Fellow at Kingston University, London. She is author of Savage Messiah ( Verso, 2011 ) and is currently a researcher at the RCA.

Recent solo shows include 8 Million Kami at CCA, Kitakyushu ( December 2016 ) and Alpha/Isis/Eden at The Showroom, London ( January–March 2017 ), as well as the group show The Sky is Falling at CCA, Glasgow ( April 2017 ). Recent exhibitions include Chthonic Reverb ( Grand Union, Birmingham, 2016 ), Itinerant Code ( Tensta Konsthall, Stockholm, 2015 ), Ruin Lust ( Tate Britain, London, 2014 ), Seroxat, Smirnoff, THC ( Stanley Picker Gallery, London, 2014 ), Anarchy Unmasked ( British Library, London, 2014 ), Soft Estate ( Bluecoat, Liverpool, 2013 ), Desire Lines ( Caja Madrid, Barcelona, 2012 ), There is a Place ( New Art Gallery, Walsall, 2012 ), Recording Britain ( Victoria and Albert Museum, London, 2012 ), Orbitecture ( Focal Point Gallery, Southend, 2011 ) and Poster Sites ( Arnolfini, Bristol, 2011 ).

Oldfield Ford has contributed to publications, including The Guardian, ArtReview and Granta.




奥德菲尔德福特2001年在斯莱德 Slade 获文学学士学位2007年在英国皇家美术学院获得了绘画硕士学位2013-2014年她担任金斯顿大学的斯坦利皮克研究员她是2011年作家现任英国皇家美术学院研究员

近期的个人演出包括2016年12月在日本北九州当代艺术中心举办的8百万神2017年1月-3月在伦敦The Showroom 举办的Alpha/Isis/Eden以及参与2017年4月在格拉斯哥当代艺术中心天空坠落的演出近期展览包括神秘的混响( 2016年Grand Union伯明翰 )流动的代码 2015年Tensta Konsthall斯德哥尔摩 毁灭的欲望 2014年泰特伦敦 Seroxat, Smirnoff, THC 2014年Stanley Picker Gallery伦敦 脱下无政府主义的假面 2014年大英图书馆伦敦 Soft Estate 2013年Bluecoat利物浦 需求线 2012年Caja Madrid巴塞罗那 那一处 2012年新艺术画廊沃尔萨尔 记录英国 2012年维多利亚&艾伯特博物馆伦敦 Orbitecture 2011年焦点画廊森德 海报网站 2011年阿尔诺菲尼艺术中心布里斯托